The Tunnels

Millions of years ago Leprechauns lived in Clans all over Ireland. 

They communicated with each through a series of tunnels connected to a central gathering point in a vast plain below Athlone.

Once a year clan elders met in Athlone to exchange information on the happening in all parts of Ireland. 

Many tunnels still exist today following the leprechaun’s demise.

Tunnel under carlingford

The 236 leprechauns’ still alive now live in a cavern below the Cooley Mountains on Sliabh Foy and this is linked by a tunnel under Carlingford to a cavern on the shores of Carlingford Lough.

It lies hidden beneath the Carlingford Folklore Park on Ghan Road.

The Cavern

A visit to the Leprechaun Cavern includes storytelling and takes an hour approx. (mostly indoors). 

 Booking is not necessary but it’s always best to phone ahead.

 If the Leprechaun Whisperer is not about call to the house door.